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Ice-Away is The Propeller Ice Grip Inhibitor

IceAwayIce-Away facilitates ice shedding and enhances safety. It is safe on paint, plastic, rubber and metal. Sooner or later, most pilots find themselves in icing conditions, and an ice-free propeller may be the ticket to safety. Some people even use it on the wings. We did our research and development with a twin engine Piper Comanche. After we perfected the formula, the product was applied to the right prop only, and as soon as we encountered any icing conditions, we could immediately hear the ice coming off that side and striking the fuselage. Ice-Away was developed after more than 10 years of testing and practical application. It stays on for several hours in icing conditions, and up to 20 hours in dry conditions. Each can is good for over 50 applications to a 2-blade 6-foot propeller.

Ice-Away 5.25 oz. can $21.00, not including shipping. Minimum order 2 cans. (UPS GROUND SHIPMENT ONLY)

(33% discount on orders of 12 or more. That makes a case of 12 just $172.00, not including shipping.)

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