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OAD Adjustable Visors

Our suction cup Adjustavisor is made especially for aircraft sport canopies or aircraft without visors. Our clip-on units double the range of stock visors, add contrast, and reduce sun glare and eye fatigue. Designed and producted by A&P Technicians and pilots, the aircraft quality materials and friction hinge enables infinite adjustability and great durability.

They stay in position through most any maneuver. The standar size of 3.5" x 14" works well for most applications and custom sizing is available.

Also now available are the Suclip (suction cup clip combo) and the side window visors.


Clip-on type Adjustavisor pair $108.00, each $70.00

(Order two or more for 19% off.)


Suction cup Adjustavisor $96.00 pair, each $57.00

(Order two or more for 16% discount.)

Suction Clip

Suclip Combo Adjustavisor pair $121.00, each $75.00

(Quantity discount of 20% for orders of two or more.)


Side mount Adjustavisor Model AV12 $66.00 each

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