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KievProp Propellers

These propellers are high quality and have proven their reliability and safety during many years of operation. We can supply propellers for aircraft powerplants with metric prop flange bolt patterns and horespower range from 40 to 130 HP and airspeeds up to 140 MPH. KievProp offers a wide range of products, including prop spacers and ready-to-install spinners. KievProps provide you with enhanced performance and a smoother, quieter flight.


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Propeller sales continue to increase

Discover why so many sport plane pilots are moving up to KievProp. This propeller can provide you with an average 10% to 20% increase in performance, faster cruise at a lower RPM, and faster climb. Save fuel and enjoy a smoother, much quieter flight.

Each blade is injection molded under pressure, to insure light weight as well as excellent strength. A large surface area at the root of each blade assures a firm "no slip"grip to the hub. Total combined weight is well within the mass moment inertia limit that is recommended by Rotax or Hirth. Each blade is assigned a serial number for replacement accuracy.

Other Standard Features Include: Inlaid brass leading edge protection, semi-semitar tips with forward dihedral, pressure-formed aluminum hub, white or black color choice, pitch adjustment tool, mounting hardware.

Options: 1.2 or 2.25 inch aluminum alloy prop spacer, installation-ready composite 9" spinners, slip-on protective covers, 3 and 5 blade configurations ranging in diameter from 63.4" to 74.8".

Sizzling Hot Performance! Rated for 40 to 130 HP engines with a metric prop hub bolt pattern.

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“The performance is so incredible...”

5Blade Prop

Bill Larson, I just received and installed the 5 bladed KievProp that I ordered from you. The performance is so incredible that I need to tell you about it. I fly an AirCreation 582 Clipper, two-place trike. It came with an Arplast 4 bladed prop on it. This is supposed to be a top notch, high performance, quiet prop. It was pitched at 6450 RPM at full power climbout. I could cruise at level flight by myself (I weigh 190 lb.) at around 4800 RPM, with a 200 lb. passenger at around 5700 RPM. I could get around 800 fpm by myself, and 600 fpm with the same passenger and 16 gallons of fuel. The Arplast prop got damaged and there was no way I was going to pay the French over $2300 to replace it. You sold me the 5 bladed American manufactured blade to hold me over until the Kiev came in. It's performance was just a little less than the Arplast and slightly more noisy at the same pitch. The Kiev came in and it was like putting a turbocharger on my trike. Taking off, I have the feeling that my craft wants to flip over backwards. Pitched at 6450 RPM, I don't yet know my full power climbout rate because my VSI red-lined at 1000 fpm. I'll get it with my GPS later. With a 200-lb. passenger and 16 gallons of fuel, I get 900 fpm. My cruise rpm went from 5700 rpm down to 4900 rpm with the same passenger, by myself, 4800 rpm down to 4500 rpm. The prop is so quiet, we forgot about it. The fuel consumption per hour seems to be about the same as the Arplast. I highly recommend this prop for anyone who wants to increase the performance of their craft. Donald W Anderson, BFI, WSL, Sebastopol, California

"I put one on my trike and it was like moving up to a 582 without having to buy one." --Bob Bullock, Watertrikes.com

"I just put a KievProp on my RANS S-10. right away I noticed a difference. The low end vibration that I had with the Warp Drive, 582 B Box was gone. This prop is very smooth and has increased my performance by at least 10%. i can't say enough good things about it! Thank you!" --Jeff Howell

"I noticed an increase in the thrust right away. I never had to ride the brakes while taxiing before. I was also surprised by the increase in climb. It really got my attention! And with less noise, my wife doesn't complain when she goes along!" --Bill Neff

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